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CCRW Receives NCFRW Rise Award

Congratulations to the members of CCRW! You're hard work has earned our club the 2024 NFRW RISE Award. Club's receiving this award exceled in the following areas:

  • Recruitment: increased the club membership by at least 4.

  • Involvement: a member of the club attended any two of the three NFRW 2023 Board meetings.

  • Service: reported volunteer hours.

  • Education: members of the club actively engaged in the election process.

Club Parliamentarian, and NCFRW Assistant Secretary, Michele Nix and Club President and NCFRW Coastal Region Vice President Stephanie Broughton were presented the Award by NCFRW President Kay Wildt

After the awards ceremony, CCRW was recognized for celebrating their 40th year as a chartered club in the NCFRW and NFRW. We were chartered on April 18th, 1984. Currently, there are two charter members - Sue Verdon, and Charter Secretary Jan Grube. Michele Nix was presented a certificate by NCFRW President Kay Wildt.

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