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Christmas Blessing Bags

From our Caring For America Chairman DeDe Worley:

Just wanted to follow-up with a note to what we accomplished for the Christmas Blessing Bags effort:

  1. Over 600 plastic bags delivered to Martha's Cupboard.

  2. 150 plastic bags delivered to Hope Mission.

  3. 10 Christmas gift bags with women's toiletries, footies, and Christmas cards were delivered to The Miriam House.

  4. 12 canvas bags were delivered to the men's shelter at the Hope Mission. These included: men's toiletries, snacks, Christmas candy, everyday and thick socks, hats, gloves, t-shirts, flannel shirts, and a Christmas card. An additional Christmas bag of misc. men's items were given to be distributed to their other housing locations.

  5. 17 canvas bags were delivered to the women's housing. These included: women's toiletries, snacks, Christmas candy, footies, winter gloves, notebook, pen, pencil, yellow marker, scarf or hat, and a Christmas card.

Much thanks to all that participated in this effort. There was a tremendous need this year and ya'll stepped up to help others in our community.

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