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National North Carolina Day!

Did you know that today is National North Carolina Day? Our state has produced the most number of Nobel Laureates in the U.S., we are First in Flight, and the 12th state to join the Union. This day has been earmarked to "awaken the proper pride in the history of the state."

Here's 5 facts about NC:

  • Murphy, NC holds the world record for the largest 10 Commandments, etched on a lawn.

  • NC is the largest producer of sweet potatoes, and there is an effort to make the sweet potato the state vegetable.

  • Tar, pitch, and turpentine used to be sold from the pine trees. The tar slowed down the British Army during the Revolutionary War. #tarheelstate

  • 60% of the state is encompassed by forests, and NC is the world's largest furniture manufacturer.

  • NC is home to the largest house in the United States: Biltmore Estate, which has around 250 rooms!

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